We offer a number of focused services in organizational development, content development and knowledge delivery. Our team members possess a solid understanding of effective eLearning.

Custom Course Development

Do you have a unique process, product or information that needs to be delivered to your employees, channels or customers? We can do it and do it well, by using a proven process that consistently yields training that gets the job done right the first time. Each course is created to engage students in such a way as to change their behavior and store the training experience in long-term memory. We do this through fun, interactive learning exercises, simulations and role-plays that help you practice and learn. Changing behaviors and affecting long-term memory cannot be done with passive slides and lectures. It takes effort from experienced professionals to create training that results in performance improvement. Imagine - online training that is fun and improves performance.

Interactive Gaming and Simulations

Face it, we like to be entertained. If not, TVs, movies and video games would not be trillion dollar industries. So, if you know how to get their attention, why not apply your insight to your goals? Interactive gaming and simulations are an effective method of delivering measurable knowledge through the use of interactive and fun learning tools. Most are developed with Adobe ® Flash® technology and are focused on enabling companies to extend the reach and effectiveness of their education & training programs. The first challenge for many training programs is engaging the audience. Well, it's no big secret that people like to play games. So our developers capitalize on the fun factor to design interactive, engaging and FUN courses that not only deliver the knowledge effectively, but also keep your audience coming back for more.

Organizational and Workforce Skills Development

Instructional Design

"Change is the only constant." Is it ever! Business strategy, goals, people and knowledge are always changing in all organizations. Successful organizations are successful, not because they change, but because they know how to work within that change. Every organization should have a workforce skills program, which is completely aligned with both the employees' and organizations' goals. Training Objectives work as an extension of an organizations' human resource department to properly assess, plan, engage, align and deliver the expected results with our clients' goals.

Instructional design is both an art and a skill. It consists of systematically planning and producing an effective training course. If you have ever experienced a boring yawner of a course, the author probably did not invest in an instructional designer. As a result you didn't enjoy the course, got minimal education and probably were discouraged from trying another one. On the other hand if you have really enjoyed a course, not just for the content, but because it was just a good course, you probably went looking for the next level, or related courses to take. This is the result of a well-designed course and one of the keys to a successful program.



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We are eLearning training and content development experts.  While looking at every project as an objective, we take the time to understand the business goals, audience and available resources.  The key focus is to create educational programs that directly affect our customers' business.


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