Designing your work space

If you don’t already use at least two monitors at your workstation, I highly recommend that you do. The additional display space gives you more room to customize the most effective layout for development.

Here are the steps to enable Captivate to undock/redock individual panels and tabs.

  1. Launch Captivate and Goto Edit > Preferences > General settings
  2. Check the Enable Custom Workspcae ….. setting. and press OK.
  3. Quit Captivate and relaunch Captivate.

After completing these steps, Captivate will now allow you to move the panels around and even to your other monitor.

Undocking is easy, simply click and drag the tab. Redocking is a little tricky, but easy once you do it. The secret is as you are attempting to redock the tab to it’s new location in Captivate, look for a bold blue line. Once you see that line, Captivate knows where you want to place it and will snap it into it’s new position.

Additional details are found on the Adobe Captivate Help page.   View a quick tutorial here.

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