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About this course

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This class is for professionals who are familiar with classroom learning and want to transition to online training facilitation. The class is relevant to the use of any online meeting tool and provides a foundational understanding of how effectively conduct a class.


• Learn the fundamentals of facilitating an online event

• Become familiar with the terminologies, technologies and developing concepts

• Know the steps of a well prepared event

• Determine what is the best format for your event

• Understand how to manage an event

What you'll learn


  • Comparing Classroom facilitation to online facilitation
  • Online training pros & cons
  • Best practices
  • Set-up for success
  • Managing students
  • Timing
  • Engagement techniques
  • Understanding the repeating stages of a training event
  • Documenting and completing an event
  • Following up to your event
  • Role playing with your peers

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