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This is a great workshop for anyone who will be using PowerPoint as the foundation of their storyboard, instructor-led presentation or eLearning course. This workshop focuses on techniques that will enable you to create better graphics in less time. In addition, our instructor will teach you shortcuts to editing and applying a finished look to your presentation.

What you'll learn

1. Speeding up Workflow Review

Understanding View Options

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Adjusting Objects

Selection Techniques

Creating Branching Navigations

2. Finding & Editing Graphics

Graphic Formats

Customizing ClipArt

Editing Points

3. Customizing Shapes

Adding Custom Shapes to the Toolbar

Custom Shape Tools

Union, Subtract, Intersect, Combine

Creating Custom Shapes for eLearning

Integrating Text within Custom Shapes

Saving Custom Graphics

4. Working with Shapes & SmartArt

Inserting Images

Pictures and Clip Art

Working with Shapes

Tips for working with Shape

5. Selection Techniques

Aligning and Distributing Objects

Grouping Objects

Drawing tools Contextual Tab

Using Smart Art

Convert Placeholder to Smart Art

Working with SmartArt

Using Slide Sorter techniques

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