Adobe Captivate - Legacy Version - The Essentials

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This training provides students with the knowledge to develop and build software demonstrations and interactive eLearning simulations in a hands-on environment. Our instructors share key concepts and share best practices for creating and publishing Captivate projects.

Module 1 - Exploring Captivate






Adobe Captivate, 30-day trial version can be downloaded directly from Adobe (www.adobe.com/products/captivate.html).


Must have ability to download Captivate file, Windows 7 or above (XP will not work).


Microphone, speakers and/or headset.


Data files, downloaded from www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=captivate.


Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word 2007 or newer.

Module 2 - New Project & Soft Skills eLearning


Module 3 - Recording Demos and Sims


Module 4 - Captions, Styles and Timing


Module 5 - Images and Smart Shapes


Module 6 - Pointers, Paths, Boxes, and Buttons


Module 8 - Audio


Module 9 - Video, Animation and Effects


Module 10 - Adding Interactivity


Module 11 - Working With PowerPoint


Module 12 - Introduction to Question Slides


Module 7 - Rollovers and Zooms

Module 13 - Finishing Touches


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