Adobe Experience Manager: AEM Authoring v6.x


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About this Course

The AEM Author Training course teaches AEM features, functionality, and authoring skills based on a standard project environment. This includes a hands-on introduction to AEM’s dynamic publishing, the roles and responsibilities of a content author, and the best way to work with AEM’s content management features. This training enables students to create new web pages based on different types of templates, to update and modify content on a AEM based website, and to use some of the additional functionalities such as Workflow, Forms, Campaigns, Newsletters, Reports, and creating and managing Mobile Pages.


What you’ll learn

Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

  • Understanding AEM
  • Executing with AEM
  • Optimizing AEM
  • Implementing AEM

Adobe Experience Manager Installation

  • Understanding Roles
  • AEM Instances
  • Deployment Scenarios as an Author
  • Account Settings
  • User Preferences

Concepts of Authoring

  • Environment of an Author
  • AEM Access Rights
  • Publish Environment

Author Environments

  • Page Authoring
  • Managing Assets
  • Communities
  • Touch-Enabled UI
  • Classic (Legacy)

Authoring Management

  • Page locations
  • Creating, Opening, Editing Pages
  • Copying, Moving Pages
  • Page Properties
  • Versioning

Adobe Experience Manager Consoles

  • Web Consoles
  • Tools
  • Navigation options
  • Customizing the Console
  • Working with Client-Side Libraries
  • Using Overlays
  • Filtering Resources

Selecting UIs

  • Configuring the Default UI
  • Switching UI
  • UI Overrides